Monday, January 23, 2012

Textfree isn't working right?

I've had Textfree for several months, but it isn't really working now. First, it used to go off at the volume I had my ringer set to. Now it only goes off at the volume I have my iPod set to. This is a problem for me because I don't always have my iPod turned up. Second, I got a message from Pinger this morning telling me that I hadn't used my account in 25 days, and that they were going to delete my number in 5 days. I was just using the app to call my friend yesterday. Any ideas on how to fix these problems?Textfree isn't working right?
Hi there!

Not sure why the first problem is happening :( Please email and let our Support staff know about this problem!

Second, our system is set up that you have to *send* at least 1 text a month for your account to stay active! Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Have more questions? Head to our Help forums: isn't working right?

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