Monday, January 23, 2012

Help me found out who this is!?

Ok, so i keep getting these text messages from someone. I know I know them because he/she is texting me things only I know. Its from the website "" when i typed in the address it came up as or something like that. I need to know who it is because they are telling me things im not sure is true or not because they are trying to break me and my boyfriend up. If you know how to find out who this person is please help me! I will vote you best answer right away!Help me found out who this is!?
Pinger is the website that hosts The person messaging you has an iPhone or an iPod Touch. That's about all you'll be able to know, since it looks like it's anonymous. You might be able to contact Pinger to tell them someone is using their service to harass you, and they might be able to get them to stop, or tell you who it is.Help me found out who this is!?
There isn't really a way to find out, maybe call them? Don't believe them. If they are telling you the truth, they would tell you who they are.

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