Saturday, February 18, 2012

Since McCain and Obama can't work it out the financial crisis, are they any good as President?

They seem worthless.

Lets see if Bob Barr can help us out.|||there is no one on the planet who can work out the financial crisis it and anyone who says they can is a liar, don't you realise the extent to which your country is down the tube? financially speaking of course.

The most anyone can do is start to take measues to ensure that it never happens again and it will take years and years and years no quick fixes for you lot, sorry.

Anybody have filling global financial crisis?

I'm living in Russia. No job, no money.

There are many people around me in the same thing.


And how about you and your countries?|||same the world over.try and get on with your life as best you can.|||everywhere u go same situation people can barely make it don't worry u not alone
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  • What is the effect of the financial crisis on the USA economy?

    Presently, unemployment is not bottoming out. Financial institutions still are not loaning money so businesses are still having difficulty buying inventories and keeping people employed. We still have bank failures, mergers and consolidations so unemployment in those sectors is not expected to stabilize during the first 3 quarters of 09. Housing prices are stabilizing in some markets, but those like mine in CA have not yet hit bottom largely because we had higher heights from which to fall. Local and state governments are really suffering major budget shortfalls as income, sales and property tax revenues are still declining.|||It slows down and results in more unemployment. Banks have difficulty returning loans to savers and both loose when the money runs out. With smaller earnings the government is expected to help more and to do this it borrows and prints more money, so there is inflation and prices tend to rise before this become endemic.

    Eventually some part of the economy fails with either revolution or failure of the speculators and monopolists to keep land and natural resources unused. So when these vital resources are more easily available, people start to grow their own food again and can manage to survive before they become sufficiently wealthy that another round of land-grab starts.|||The US economy becomes topsy-turvy. The rich and the greedy aided by the government become richer and more powerful. The economy is more capitalistic and the poor becomes poorer. The financial crisis becomes worst and in a state of collapse.|||Haven't you been watching television or reading newspapers? Unemployment is at 8.9%, highest since 1982. About 500,000 people have lost their jobs every month for the last eight months. The national debt is at an all time high. The banks have had to be bailed out by the federal government along with General Motors, Chrysler, and a host of other financial institutions. The effect is catastrophic and nearly as dangerous as the great depression of 1929 through 1940. Let us hope we can solve this crisis within at least one year.|||About the same effect as the IRS confiscating your bank account and garnishing all your wages.

    You are broke.

    Right now, we are badly bent.

    In the current financial crisis is it safe to invest in uae ?

    I read just yesterday that Dubai is having a real tough time at the moment because the fall in oil prices have but all the investment there. Plus the other in the UAE are experiencing much lower revenue than they planned and now are needing to cut back as well.

    These countries are as dependant on the global economy as the rest of the world. Because of the importance of oil maybe more so.

    But you asked if it was "safe" and not if it was a good idea. Dubai wants to be a world financial center so it is likely rather safe. But most countries in the world don't have the same level of information, regulation, controls, and more corruption than in the United States.

    For myself, for that reason, I would never try to invest directly in other countries rather depend on funds or managers that will have some expertise with the particular countries or companies. |||Nowadays there is volatility in the indian financial market,we have to wait for a little time period to observe the market situation. However we can also make an investment,but that should be a long term investment. Because the market will rise again and that will take a little time period. |||UAE:

    "The UAE, rich in oil and natural gas, has become highly prosperous after gaining foreign direct investment funding in the 1970s"

    there are some ideas out there in high finance land that the UAE are not truthful about what they are sitting on as far as the supposed reserves in oil and gas. Take it for what its worth, but this is like China when it comes to real transparency.


    we are going into a shorts (selling on the highs) market for the next week and then depending on the news its down down down. a slow build until 2010. it is all about earnings and -good news- i.e. housing, building etc..

    We are in a place that is seldom visited and few brokers are willing to speculate on the markets future. how can i, the laymen, even attempt. Take no advice. Wait. See the rebound take effect. then make our move. Some are trying to catch the market before the rebound and they are getting burnt. It is not worth the smidgen of a 5% to 10% gain if your luck pans out.

    Does anyone else hope that this financial crisis escalates to another Great Depression?

    where people will have to go hungry because the realities of the instability of capitalism become more and more clear? i mean they try to give us the illusion that we have freedom, but when we've lost everything, we'll know of the failure of what this global system is

    i hope it happens soon|||There you go...see capitalism isn't the was the government interference that made the Fanny Mae problem get worse...

    In actually it wasn't capitalism that caused our huge depression, it was government over-stepping it's reaches to get more control of our financial situation and economy...

    Capitalism is about freedom of choice...

    Socialism is about everyone get's paid the same, work quality goes down, freedom's go down, healthcare goes down...

    Look at the history in other nations....Money is a solid motivator for great inventions, good working habits...

    No system is perfect...but Capitalism is the best way towards freedom...where someone can migrate from another nation, work hard, and create a better world for their children...

    That ladies and gentlemen is the American Dream...

    Not about being filthy rich or being corrupt, but about having a good home for your family, to be able to work hard, and get paid more than those who barely work...

    Socialism lead's to everyone caring to work less, because no matter how good a worker you are, you get paid same as some who does half-assed job...

    Look at the comparrison of quality of senior health care in America, vs socialized nations...We provide faster and better health care than any other social nation...Because how they cut costs?

    They strictly limit paying money to healthcare for seniors..

    And in canada if you got money and need some big procedure, it's against the law to be able to pay for some private care...

    Do we really want to have horrible health care at that priice?|||Yeah, Rush Windbag and ALL the republicans!|||No, not all of us hate America. There are plenty of socialist countries you can go to, I don't see you leaving though.|||Yeah, it's my dream to see millions of people suffer because of the government bleeding us dry. NOT.|||Be careful what you wish for...

    And if you weren't alive during the last one, you can't possibly know if you'd like one or not...

    Eating is a good thing!!!|||I hope that does happen, as long as a democratic government pulls us out.

    ~Evie|||we americans never learn the lessons of history so I want to see socialistic liberal douche bags starving to death on the side of the roads waiting the great american government to come take care of them.|||obama, bush, whatever. it doesn't make any difference. they all work for the same people. the banks are making us slaves. they steal our money and then charge us to borrow it back. and they say madoff is a crook. the ones that need to be in jail is our politicians, the head of the fed, and most of wall street. maybe a huge crash would wake people up but i think they will show us just a glimmer of hope to keep the masses in line.|||you are very shallow in your thinking ... why?|||to hope that my fellow Americans go hungry and live on the street shows how shallow are you.

    I would never want people to suffer just to prove myself right. NEVER!

    Is there unbalanced supply and demand in the Global Financial Crisis?

    The root cause of the whole crisis is our unbalance with nature, and the unbalance within humanity.

    We live in a global, closed integral system now, which means we are all interconnected, and we all depend on each other even for our basic necessities.

    So we can only get out of the crisis, or successfully face any future problems if we learn the laws governing our global system, and adjust, change our lives accordingly.

    Below you will find some of the laws we need to consider, and a music video "Let's Change!" describing the steps we have to make.|||Yes, supply has out run demand and in particular for homes, construction industry and the auto industry. There currently exists an inventory (surplus) of unsold homes, construction equipment, and autos. All these industries have a terrific domino effect through the economy. No one needs steel, lumber, auto parts etc. This is what causes all the unemployment.|||Yes, due to deleveraging, credit bubble will shrink and it will reduce demand for goods, services, stocks, oil, gold, and everything. It will increase demand for US dollar since most of the debt that needs to be paid back is denominated in US dollars.|||yes

    In the 1998 George Soros make the world on financial crisis, 2008 Lemman "Destroyer" Brother, why America?

    I lose USD 23 million on the farm and estate, now my money only USD 12 in Standard Chartered Bank. Do you Believe that. Stuppid.|||No I don't believe it because you can't even write proper english.
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